Iben Mondrup

I am the author of five novels. My first novel Ved slusen was published in 2009 by Greenlandic Milik Publishing. In 2012 Gyldendal published my second novel Justine. The novel was published in the US in 2016 by Open Letter. The Book was shortlisted for PEN Translation Prize 2017.
Gyldendal published my third novel, Store Malene, in 2013. In 2014, Gyldendal published my fourth novel GODHAVN. The novel was shortlisted for Læsernes Bogpris, Weekenavisens Litteraturpris and also DR Romanprisen, which it won. GODHAVN was sold for publishing in Holland and France.

My latest novel, KARENSMINDE, was out October 24th 2016. The book won THE BLIXEN LITERARY AWARD 2017.

My new novel, VI ER BRØDRE, was published September 2018.

I am a trained visual artist from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, from which I graduated with my master’s degree in 2003. My background as a visual artist pervades my writing and I consciously work with the sensual aspects of language. One could say that in the past the human body, the floor and the camera were my materials and that words are my material in the present. Geographically I am likely to be located somewhere between Greenland and Denmark.

On this website, accounts and descriptions of my authorship and my work as an artist are available.

Photo: Les Kaner