JUSTINE made the SHORTLIST for the PEN translation award 2017!

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“ .. In addition to being an author, Iben Mondrup is an artist and a curator, and the method she uses to paint an abstract painting depicting the Copenhagen art scene via language is sensual, disturbing, nauseating and seductive.

The novel’s erotic aspect is especially powerful. An erotic aspect, which with Justine attains the character of sexual abuse of men, after her girlfriend Vita leaves her. Her animalistic and inhuman traits become apparent and impart a devil-may-care tinge of savagery on the novel. The reader is kept in a state of suspense about what is really going on to the very last page. It’s beautiful, it’s brutal and it’s very good. “

– Christine Fur Fischer, Fyens Stifttidende

“ .. A genuinely brilliant new novel and a new voice full of character. Thanks a lot and thank goodness for that.”

– Lars Bukdahl, Weekendavisen

“ .. The novel positively emanates energetic prose, as suspense-laden tracks which retain our interest in the female Don Juan who insists on not being a female Don Juan are generously laid bare.

– Dag Heede, STANDART

” .. When Mondrup’s prose is ablaze, cruising around with her inside a bruised and beaten artist’s soul is a veritable party. […] By God she’s a great prose stylist full of character.

– Lise Garsdal, Politiken