It’s summer and Bjørk is with her parents, Karen and Jens, who’ve just moved from Greenland to Denmark, looking to spend more time with their three children and their grandchildren. On the island of Møn they’re busy putting the finishing touches to the refurbishment of the former farm “Karensminde”, before they can realize their dream of creating a combined home and bed & breakfast. Bjørk and her brother Knut were once very close, but now he’s got his hands full with his new family, consisting of his wife and their young twin daughters. Their older sister, Hilde, no longer wants to visit the farm. After many years of separation, both hidden and forgotten emotions resurface along with a host of new ones, and soon the reunion becomes a bumpy ride into the depths of the family’s history. Then Jens falls off the ladder.

Karensminde is a story about family as a living organism, the bonds that tie people together over time and space, and the events, great and small, that mark them for life.

Karensminde won THE BLIXEN LITERARY AWARD 2017. Motivation here.

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