The artist monograph, Jessie Kleemann – Qivittoq, constitutes the first specific introduction to the artist’s works in performance art and especially her preoccupation with the ‘Qivittoq’ as a phenomenon.

A Qivittoq is a person who has been humiliated in an unbearable manner – most often as a result of his or her own mistakes – and then chooses to leave civilized society to live alone in the wild.

Jessie Kleemann is an acclaimed pioneer on the Greenlandic as well as the international art scene. She is a trained actress, but early in her youth, she started working with video art and performance art. Dressed in decadent robes or tangled in plastic with blubber on her chest, she has subjected the elusive Qivittoq to a series of intense, virtually mythological performances and artistic studies, for more than two decades.

The contributions to the book consists of a collection of essays by select artists and writers who recount their personal experiences during Kleemanns performances. These essays are augmented by a series of near-iconic photographs, the photographs in themselves highly illustrative of her work.

Iben Mondrup, Editor.


Ivalo Frank, film director and maker of art films
Mette Moestrup, poet
Niels Lyngsø, poet
Brian Catling, performance artist and professor of fine arts
Aasne Linnestå, author and critic
Randi Broberg, film director and singer


Allard Willemse
Iben Mondrup
Claus Kleemann

Pictures from Qivittoq here

Translation: Peter Breum